Members, check out the advancement guides below to make the most of your GFWC experience.  Get involved by contacting your congressman and senators through GFWC's Legislation Action Center.  See below...


Get the word out!! Publicity is not just newspaper articles.  Your club is a dynamic, powerful force in your community.  Use communication tools to find partners to help make your community a better place.  In the GFWC Commication Advancement Guide, you will find ideas, resources, tools, and tips necessary for achieving successful public relations and professional communications.  Get ideas on branding, web design, successful publications and social media.


The GFWC Leadership Advancement Guide contains valuable information, including practical ideas and resources to assist clubs in developing leadership skills in their members. Bottom-up or top-down, leadership involves taking risks, being innovative, and promoting new directions. While some may talk about being born leaders, most of us can learn how to be a strong leader.


The more you TELL, the more you SELL, so tell the benefits of GFWC membership whenever you can. Assure a prospective member that her experience will be rewarding, challenging, and stimulating. The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is proudly represented in thousands of communities around the world by dedicated volunteers, working to better the lives of our neighbors, make towns safer and more beautiful, and extend the hand of friendship to individuals near and far.


The GFWC Membership Advancement Guide gives tips and ideas to recruit, retain and mentor members.





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Relationship building is the foundation on which most fundraising and development takes place. People give money to people, not to causes or organizations. As community leaders, you are ideally suited to raising money that generates non-dues revenue for your club and your state organization. Fundraising and Development is a more contemporary term for what we traditionally have called Fundraising. Developing funds is more comprehensive and far reaching than just raising funds for a specific club cause or project. It involves using a wide array of approaches as well as allocating monies on an annual basis to an endowment or other fund. Establishing a Fundraising and Development plan will help sustain the financial security and integrity of our Federation, as well as your club and state.


More than 100 years of GFWC advocacy has garnered such results as child labor laws, women’s suffrage, pure food and drug statutes, rights for people with disabilities, and domestic violence programs. Today, GFWC extends this record of national significance with an organized and effective framework. Our goals include: • Educating members about the political process, policy issues, and pending legislation. • Encouraging civic engagement among members. • Mobilizing members to advocate for GFWC policy priorities.


The WHRC invites GFWC members, potential members, the research community, and the general public to explore the rich history of women volunteers by providing access to GFWC’s expansive collections. Readily available reference service, interactive technology, educational programs and publications, creative exhibits, and dynamic partnerships await those interested in using all GFWC has to offer. Preservation of historic records, buildings, and artifacts; the organization and publication of club history; and creative ways to use GFWC’s history for community outreach are some of the benefits of membership all made possible through this invaluable resource.

Sexual assault disproportionately affects college women and impedes their ability to participate fully in campus life. Educational equity for women and girls requires fair, responsive, fully developed campus sexual assault policies, knowledgeable administrators, and, ultimately, an end to sexual violence on college campuses. Join GFWC in advocating for safer college campuses for all students.

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