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GFWC Women's Club of South County


The GFWC Women’s Club of South County, Grow Hope Grants Program

            The GFWC Women’s Club of South County brings together women of diverse backgrounds to provide community support through volunteerism, provision of grants to local non-profit agencies, and awards of educational scholarships to women in need. We are proud to be affiliated with both the International General Federation of Women’s Clubs and the statewide General Federation of Women’s Clubs, Rhode Island.

2023 GROW HOPE Grant Recipients
$26,000 in Grants were awarded to these recipients

Food Insecurity

URI Foundation & Alumni Engagement (Food Pantry)

Rhode Island Center Assisting those in Need (RICAN)

The Jonnycake Center for Hope (Food Pantry)

Galilee Mission, Inc. (Soup for the Docks)

St. Peter’s by-the-Sea (Community Market)

The North Kingstown Food Pantry

Peace Dale Congregational UCC (Dinner Table)

Westerly Area Rest Meals WARM Inc. (Soup Kitchen)

Jonnycake Center of Westerly (Food Pantry)

Housing Insecurity

Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County (DVRC)

Galilee Mission, Inc. (Brett’s Place)

Habitat for Humanity RI, South County Inc.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors RI

Westerly Area Rest Meals WARM

Mental Health Support

The Chris Collins Foundation

Girls on the Run RI

SHRI Service Corps


Stay tuned for the 2024 Grow Hope Grant Application & Guidelines...

2023 Grow Hope Grants Committee & Recipients

2023 Grow Hope Committee Members.jpg

2023 Grow Hope Committee Members

Carolyn Maher, Karen Pizzaruso, Chris Gouveia, Suzan Amoruso, Patricia Cole, Gina O'Connell, Kathy Sousa, Carol Sugarman, Robin Shields. Not  present, Laurie Fiore

Grant Recipients in Food Insecurity Focu

 Grant recipients in Food Insecurity Focus

Lynn Serra & Jillian Easterbrooks (Soup for the Docks - Galilee Mission), Kathy Sousa (GH committee), Becky Johnson (St. Peter's by-the-sea Community Market), Nancy Champagne (NK Food Pantry), Jen Krueger (Jonnycake Center for Hope), Paul Schauer (RICAN), Barbara Sweeney (Rhody Outpost), Sylvia Blanda (Peace Dale Dinner Table), Carol Sugarman & Robin Shields (GH committee) Not present, Leslie Rovetti (Jonnycake Center Westerly)& Carrie Roberts (Westerly WARM)

Grant Recipients in Housing Insecurity Focus.jpg

Grant Recipients in Housing Insecurity Focus 

Suzan Amoruso & Patricia Cole (GH committee), Pat Harmon (Neighbors Helping Neighbors), Kate Anderson (Habitat for Humanity South County), Kathleen Carland (Domestic Violence Resource Center South County), Lynn Serra & Jillian Easterbrooks (Brett's Place - Galilee Mission). Gina O'Connell (GH committee) Not present, Carrie Roberts (Westerly WARM)

Grant Recipients in Mental Health & Personal Safety Focus.jpg

 Grant Recipients in Mental Health & Personal Safety Focus

Chris Gouveia & Carolyn Maher (GH committee), Susan DeSantis (SHRI), Sophie Johari & Elizabeth McGann (Girls on the Run RI), Mark Collins (The Chris Collins Foundation), Karen Pizzaruso (GH Committee)

Domestic Violence Resource Center & The Chris Collins Foundation.jpg

DVRC SC (Kathleen Carland) &

The Chris Collins Foundation (Mark Collins)


Grow Hope Event_edited.jpg
Girls on the Run.jpg

 Girls on the Run (Elizabeth McGann)

2023 Grow Hope Event's Membership Attendance  

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