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GFWC Bristol County Women's Club


Laundromat Free Libraries

We continue to expand our Laundromat Free Libraries around the community.  Adult and children's books can be borrowed free of charge to patrons of the laundromat.

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) in RI is currently housing 10 women and 21 children escaping from abusive situations.  The GFWC Bristol County Women’s Club provided Mother’s Day bags with pampering items (books, pedicure sets, nail polish, lotions, tasty treats and more) for the moms and bags of homemade cookies for their children.  The club has worked with the WRC for many years, planting butterfly bushes and sprucing up the WRC gardens, organizing donation rooms, and donating many years-worth of necessities for women and their children looking to start new, safer lives.

The Club made cat toys for the local Animal Shelter. Fun to make and if kitties are any judge, fun to play with.

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