GFWC Women's Club of South County



The GFWC WCSC Scholarship Fund was established in 1997 to support the continuing education of  Washington County women.  


In addition to annual funding by The Club’s major fundraiser, the Book & Author Luncheon, the Rhode Island Foundation also manages a permanent Scholarship Endowment Fund to ensure perpetual support of the program.


Each year the Club awards scholarships that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars to selected applicants. All funds are distributed directly to the educational institution for tuition costs only.

For more information, email

or call 401-287-4392

2020 Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship recipient4.Aliaa20.jpg

Aliaa Mohamed

Scholarship recipient2.20.AmandaJPG.png

Amanda Martin

Scholaship Recipient3.20Elisa.jpg

Elisa Quinones


This year $14,600 in scholarships were awarded to Washington County applicants from Narragansett, North Kingstown, Charlestown, Carolina , and Wakefield including the following recipients: 

Callie-Rae Cashin, attending University of Rhode Island, Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Aliaa Mohamed, attending the University of Rhode Island, Doctor of Pharmacy - Rebecca Cardoza, attending University of Rhode Island, majoring in Psychology - Keara Fontaine, attending Eastern CT State University, majoring in Accounting - Elisa Quinones, attending the University of Rhode Island, Doctor of Pharmacy - Amanda Martin, attending Ch’i Lash Studio for Eyelash Certification - Adriana Valdivia, attending Community College of Rhode Island in General Studies - Mia DeBasio, attending Anna Maria College, Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing - Chelsea Longa, attending University of Rhode Island, majoring in Psychology.


All these recipients are extremely grateful and want to thank the Women’s Club for its generosity in helping them to work toward achieving their career goals. We would like to share some of their experiences. 

Elisa Quinones, who is studying to become a pharmacist, grew up in a single parent household with a sibling who had cerebral palsy, was exposed to family health care issues and the financial challenges of paying for treatment and prescriptions. This sparked her interest in working in the medical field and it turned into her passion.  She feels that with her perspective and understanding of the issues low income families face, she will be able to help them navigate the healthcare system and get the help they need.  Elisa is currently a sales associate at CVS and hopes to become a pharmacy intern.


Amanda Martin is a single mom with one-year old twin boys and is working to become a Certified Eyelash Extension Tech. While working as a paralegal in New York and expecting her twins, she decided to return to RI to raise her children and better provide for them. Amanda became focused on being the best mom she could be. Since she loves being creative, the career path of working as an eyelash tech was attractive to her.  She could do something she loves but also have flexibility in her schedule to parent her twins. She is so appreciative of the scholarship from the Women’s Club as well as the support from her community who helped her along the way.


Aliaa Mohamed, who is in her third year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program at URI, said that she always liked science classes and was interested in working in the health field – in what way was the question. She found that she loves working with medicine and enjoys the pharmacy field.  Aliaa knew that she wanted to help people and can see herself in a hospital environment working more directly with patients and doctors. Her Mom, who is her role model and the hardest working person she ever met, taught her to “work for what you want and don’t expect things to be handed to you.” Aliaa has recently been promoted to an intern at CVS.


Keara Fontaine is a sophomore majoring in accounting with a minor in business information systems. Her goal is to take the CPA exam and start work as an intern in an accounting firm. Keara is also an athlete and runs cross country as well as indoor and outdoor track. Even with Covid, she still practices and will be participating in meets and competitions.  She was Rookie of the Year for the Little East Conference as the “fastest freshman for the whole year” and also won the conference championship last fall. Keara is a leader in her dorm and treasurer for the hall.


Chelsea Longa, while majoring in Psychology, will be minoring in nonviolence and peace studies.  Originally, she was studying engineering with an interest in exploring outer space but said that she experienced a spiritual awakening. As such, she decided to focus on meditation, spirituality, and wellbeing, including natural-healing, holistic remedies, and helped to create a meditation space on campus at URI.  Her honors project is based on that accomplishment and her strong belief in the benefits of meditation.


Starting in January 2021

Open and print the application. Complete it and mail (or scan and email)

with the required attachments.

April 1, 2021

 To qualify as an applicant, all of the following criteria must be met:


  • Be a woman of at least age 19 by date of application, with a high school diploma or GED. 

  • Be a resident of Washington County (Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton, Narragansett, New Shoreham/Block Island, North Kingstown, Richmond, South Kingstown, or Westerly). 

  •  Exhibit financial need by providing documentation as requested. 

  • Be enrolled, or accepted, in an accredited educational program and working toward a first degree (associate or bachelor's) or in a career/vocational training or certificate program. 

  • Demonstrate the motivation to achieve educational and career goals.

  • Preference is given to highly motivated low-income women – with or without dependents – who need further education or training to become self-sufficient. 

Testimonials from former scholarship recipients

“My children inspire me every day to keep climbing up and out of poverty and growing personally regardless of what the barriers are.”  Becky Bome

“Ever since my brother passed away when I was only 10, working in emergency medicine has been my thing.  I want to be the smiling face on the other side when emergency victims are being rescued.” Callie-Rae Cashin

"I always felt the calling to help others and love the medical field. Having started as a CNA, then a Medtech, I am now on my way to obtaining an RN. Thank you so much to the Women’s Club for the scholarship. It will help so much!"  Damariss Hartsfield

"The Women's Club of South County makes dreams come true - I always wanted to be a nurse and liked helping others."     Gabrielle Mowry

"This scholarship came at a truly pivotal time in my life and gave me the funding to pursue my degree in Social Work. The Women's Club of South County gave me the opportunity to prove to myself and others that I had the power to change."   Megan Durocher


"The scholarship has made it possible for her to continue her education and to “make a new direction in her life possible.”  I now believe that I have something to contribute to women who struggle with mental health issues, homelessness, addiction and abusive relationships.  I am forever grateful to the generous women of South County.  Thank you for believing in me!"    Selena Millard


"As a scholarship recipient, I was able to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of RI.    My degree helped me earn a promotion to Community Sales Director for Brightview Commons a Brightview Senior Living Community in South County.   To reciprocate the generosity of The Club, I have the honor of hosting some of its monthly meetings and am involved with the Corporate Sponsorship for the Annual Book & Author event held at the Dunes Club every July.  I encourage single mothers to apply for the scholarship because the WCSC is about volunteering and giving back to our community.  The Club seeks to help women succeed in furthering their education especially for career advancement that will support her family and home in the community."   Sheryl Peno