GFWC Women's Club of South County



Our membership consists of women from all areas and backgrounds with a common desire to help the community while meeting and enjoying the friendship of other women.



Those who are members of our club have the following privileges:


  • Receive and be included in the membership yearbook. 

  • Vote on membership issues. 

  • Receive notification of all membership meetings. 

  • Receive the newsletter. 

  • Expand personal relationships as well as networking opportunities. 

  • Participate in and enjoy the activities sponsored by the club. 

  • Share in the benefits and responsibilities of membership. 

  • Know that you are making a difference in the community.



Those who are members of our club have the following responsibilities:

  • You are encouraged to attend as many membership meetings as possible. There are usually a minimum of 6 meetings a year. 

  • Be a member of at least one team. 

  • Assist the Hospitality Committee (1) meeting per year by providing “a dish” and helping with cleanup and/or set up, as assigned. 

  • Pay dues at the Annual Membership Meeting by May 31st. 

  • Bring women who are interested in the club and potential membership to a meeting. When they join the club, the sponsoring member is responsible for mentoring the new member until she is familiar with the club. 

  • Participate actively with our major fund raiser, Annual Book & Author Luncheon, by serving on one of the subcommittees. 

  • Maintain the privacy of other club members by not sharing the membership list outside the club. 

Co- President, Sandy Coletta

As Co-Presidents, Sandy and Maria oversee and direct all Club activities.  They lead Team Leader Council (TLC) and membership meetings, ensure accurate minutes of the meetings, and serve as an ex officio member of all the Club’s teams, except for the Nominating Committee.

Co-President, Maria Hoey

Maria and Sandy also serve as spokespersons for the Club, authorize spending, select the chairperson of the Nominating Committee, and attend meetings of the GFWC RI Board of Directors.

Operations Team Leader, Tracy Kubricky

Tracy keeps the Club running smoothly, effectively, and in accordance with the Club's stated mission.  She maintains legal documents, minutes and treasurer reports, and the policies and procedures manual. She is a member of any ad hoc committee. She ensures that the bylaws are adhered to and that state reporting obligations are met. 

Book & Author Co-Team Leader, Nancy DeNuccio

Nancy and Mauria organize and manage the Club's major fundraising effort, an Annual Book & Author Luncheon. They oversee numerous subcommittees, including recruitment of corporate sponsors.

Book & Author Co-Team Leader, Mauria Bristow

Mauria and Nancy work throughout the year to ensure a successful and memorable event for book lovers and for the Club, which redistributes all profits from the Book & Author Luncheon to the community in the form of grants and scholarships. 

Ad Hoc Fundraising Team Leader, Linda Noble

Linda plans and manages numerous fundraising efforts throughout the year. She and her team identify and implement opportunities to raise funds needed to ensure the continuation of the Club’s programming.

Membership Co-Team Leader, Joanne Daly

Joanne and Mary Grace oversee the recruitment of new members, coordinate the approval process with TLC, and oversee their mentoring and integration into the Club.

Membership Co-Team Leader, Mary Grace Varnum

As part of their responsibilities, Mary Grace and Joanne track membership status, meeting attendance, and retention of members and work to ensure that all members are engaged in Club activities.

External Communications Co-Team Leader, Marie Schwartz

Marie and Eileen promote the Club, its mission, its activities, and its members through print, broadcast, digital, and social media.  They are responsible for developing and executing a coordinated external communications strategy.

External Communications Co-Team Leader, Eileen Schanck

Eileen and Marie routinely work with Internal Communications and other teams to create content for the Club’s website, its Facebook postings, press releases, and other Club documents. They also serve as liaison with South County community groups, including the Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce.

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