GFWC Women's Club of South County


Meet The Leadership Team

President, Maria Hoey

Maria oversees and directs all Club activities. She leads Team Leader Council (TLC) and membership meetings, ensures accurate minutes, serves as an ex officio member of all the Club’s teams, except for the nominating committee, acting as the Club's spokesperson, authorizes spending, selects the chair of the Nominating Committee, and attends Board of Directors meetings of GFWC RI.

President Elect, Nancy DeNuccio

As President Elect, Nancy assists Maria in overseeing and directing Club activities (as referenced above) in preparation for assuming additional responsibilities of the position of Co-President during the next term.

Operations Team Leader, Sandy Coletta

Sandy keeps the Club running smoothly, effectively, and in accordance with the Club's stated mission. She maintains legal documents, minutes and treasurer reports, and the policies and procedures manual. She ensures that the bylaws are adhered to and that state reporting obligations are met. She is a member of any ad hoc committee.

AAAAA.Mauria Bristow (2).jpeg
Fundraising Co-Team Leaders, Mauria Bristow and Nancy DeNuccio (pictured above)

Mauria and Nancy work throughout the year to ensure a successful and memorable Book & Author Luncheon, the Club's signature fundraiser. All profits are redistributed to the community in the form of grants and scholarships. Their duties include overseeing numerous subcommittees and recruiting corporate sponsors.

AAAAAAA.Member.Linda Noble (002).png
Ad Hoc Fundraising Team Leader, Linda Butera Noble

Linda plans and manages numerous fundraising efforts throughout the year. She and her team identify and implement opportunities to raise funds needed to ensure the continuation of the Club’s programming.

AAAAAAAA.Mary Grace (2).jpeg
Membership Team Leader, Mary Grace Varnum

Mary Grace oversees the recruitment of new members and oversees their mentoring and integration into the Club. She tracks membership status of all members, including meeting attendance and retention. She also works to ensure that all members are engaged in Club activities.

External Communications Co-Team Leader, TBA

The External Communications team leaders promote the Club, its mission, its activities, and its members through print, broadcast, digital, and social media. They are responsible for developing and executing a coordinated external communications strategy.

External Communications Co-Team Leader, TBA

The External Communications team leaders routinely work with Internal Communications and other teams to create content for the Club’s website, its Facebook postings, press releases, and other Club documents. They also serve as liaison with South County community groups, including the Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce.

AAAAAAAAA.Member.Linda Willis (002).jpg
Internal Communications Co-Team Leader, Linda Willis

If you need to communicate with members of the Club, Linda and Tracy are your "go to" team leaders. They are responsible for the Club’s newsletter, Connect!

AAAAAAAAAAAA.Tracy Kubricky  (2).jpg
Internal Communications Co-Team Leader, Tracy Kubricky

Tracy and Linda are also responsible for distributing important communications to the membership as needed and manage internal data, such as member information. 

AA.Micki Dickinson (3).JPG
Hospitality Co-Team Leader, Miki Dickinson

Miki and Mary Ann locate and arrange Club meeting venues and speakers. They also maintain records of programs and meetings.

A.Mary Ann Grintchenko (2).jpg
Hospitality Co-Team Leader, Mary Ann Grintchenko

Mary Ann and Miki also explore and schedule field trips for Club members. These "Funshine" events bring members together to enjoy the area's attractions, from art galleries to high teas.

AAAAAA.Peg Schembre (2).jpeg
Community Outreach Co-Team Leader, Peg Schembre

Peg and Mary are responsible for the oversight of community projects and funds.They seek out and coordinate volunteer activities that both support the mission of the Club and local nonprofit organizations working in one or more of our focus areas.

AAAAAAAAAAA.Mary Logan (2).jpeg
Community Outreach Co-Team Leader, Mary Logan

As part of their responsibilities, Mary and Peg oversee the Club’s Grow Hope Grants and its Scholarship programs as well as volunteer projects that include a rolling library that delivers books to homebound seniors, an Annual 6th Grade Spirit of Giving Essay Contest, and a reading program at the CANE Daycare Center.

AAAAAAAAAA.Maggie Hayes Cote.png
Finance Team Leader, Maggie Hayes Cote

Maggie oversees the financial management of the Club and its programming. She manages the budget, operating expenses, cash accounts and payments to the national GFWC, and she presents the Treasurer's Report to the TLC and to the Club’s general membership.